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Mercenaries and Militia (30 modular miniatures)

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30 Modular Mercenaries or Militia troops. Perfect for forming warbands for skirmish wargames as there is an incredible amount of parts to customize.

This is a combination of two sets by Reptilian Overlords - "Mercenaries and Militia Set 1" and "Mercenaries and Militia Expansion Set" 

Why so many?

30 is a pretty big model count, we know, but it was simply impossible for us to choose what to leave out. We ended up on 30 as that is how many unique legs this range includes and there is easily enough heads and hand options to make this into two warbands.

Click through the images and you will find photos of the printed bits to get and idea of print quality and amount of stuff.


  • 30 Unique Legs
  • 30 Torsoes - 19 unique sculpts. 11 copies that are "mirrored" before printing.
  • 42 Unique Heads
  • 43 Left arms (29 unique)
  • 43 Right arms (29 unique) (same as the left arms - just mirrored before print)
  • 24 Various Hand Weapons and shields for Left Hand
  • 24 Various Hand Weapons and shields for Right hand (same as left hands - just mirrored before printing)
  • 15 Various Two handed weapons (some held in one hand)
  • 15 Various Two Handed Weapons (some held in one hand) (mirrored)
  • A selection of ranged weapons including crossbows, long bows, short bows and a couple of elven bows, blunderbusses, longrifles and hand cannons.
  • Cool accessories like lanterns, torches, scrolls, holstered pistols, empty hands and a juicy drumstick for each hand (most of these are supplied for each hand)

Supplied with square 20x20mm 3d printed plastic bases. Check out our bases section for more options (including movement trays).

Being modular these models require some assembly.


Designed by Reptilian Overlords

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This is a resin printed product.

Generally very little cleanup should be required – if any. The models are suspended by support strings while printing and these are removed when we clean the model after printing. Sometimes though a little bit of support material can evade us. Small clippers, sharp knife and a bit of fine sanding paper is a good choice of weapons for this.

Compared to traditional plastic miniatures with mold lines and sprue removal the cleanup of resin miniatures is minimal.

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