Dungeon Tiles (COMING SOON)

We are working on this section at this time.

It will include dungeon tile sets from Monstrous Encounters, Dark Realms Forge and Cast'n'Play.

Unless otherwise noted all our dungeon tile pieces are printed on plastic on out FDM printers. This can leave some layer lines and puts some limitations on the printing process but on the other hand keeps down the price of the products. To keep the details high and visible layer lines to a minimum we print the tiles in a very low layer height of 0,1mm - even lower than our terrain which at 0,15 is already lower than the "standard" of 0,2 per layer.

We will always include pictures of finished pieces with every product in this section. The picture is not necessarily of the exact product but will be of pieces from the same collection to give you an impression of what to expect.