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Kingdom of Equitaine - Essence of War Patrol (T9A)

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This is a Kingdom of Equitaine starter set (Patrol) for The Ninth Age - Essence of War.

Picture currently unavailable - see individual units for details :)


These models require assembly of varying degree. Knights Aspirant and Peasant Bowmen have modular heads and arms, but the Questing Knights are just assembled one way. Remember to ensure that all models can rank up next to each other. A fast drying super glue is recommended.


The Ninth Age: Essence of War

The Ninth Age is a tabletop wargame that lets you control a wide range of fantasy armies using square bases and units in ranked formations. The Essence of War (currently in its alpha stage) is a simplified starter version of the game using pre generated army lists called patrols. This offer includes the patrol for Kingdom of Equitaine.

This is a resin printed product.

Generally very little cleanup should be required – if any. The models are suspended by support strings while printing and these are removed when we clean the model after printing. Sometimes though a little bit of support material can evade us. Small clippers, sharp knife and a bit of fine sanding paper is a good choice of weapons for this.

Compared to traditional plastic miniatures with mold lines and sprue removal the cleanup of resin miniatures is minimal.