Monstrous Encounters

Monstrous Encounters have a range of miniatures very appealing to the nostalgic (read: Old) wargamers among us. Alot of the models are so-called "oldhammer" style and as you will see from the collection theres a lot of classic regiments and warbands familiar to those of us who played fantasy and sci-fi wargames in the 90'ies. Even my own gateway drug HeroQuest gets some love! Tissues out when you browse this range (I mean for tears of nostalgia!).

While we do have the lcense to sell Monstrous Encouters' models we do not own all the files, so if you see something in their shop below that we don't have in our range yet, don't hesitate to contact us, as we will most likely be more than happy to add it to our collection

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Monstrous Encounters on MyMiniFactory (3d-file shop)

NB: We are adding stuff to our Monstrous Encounters range at this time so more to come soon!.