Reptilian Overlords

Reptilian Overlords produce some of the most striking and unforgettable human infantry in the world of 3d printed miniatures - like the sci-fi Space Nam troops or the beautiful fantasy mercenary set. The focus of this designer is mostly on human troops including full modular sets and conversion bits to personalize your  army, warband or whatever your setting and game calls for.

We don't have the full range added in the store yet, but we fully intend to. If you miss one of reptilian Overlords' products here, don't hesitate to contact us as we will most likely welcome the excuse to aquire more of these great miniatures.

Check out Reptilian Overlords on these platforms:

Reptilian Overlords Website (shop 3d files or subscribe for monthly credits to be used in the shop)

Reptilian Overlords on Facebook

Reptilian Overlords on Instagram

Reptilian Overlords on MyMiniFactory (Also a shop with 3d files but at the time of writing not as many products added as RO's own website)