About us

Weird Farm Miniatures is a fitting name in more than one sense. In the world of 3D printing the term "Print farm" is quite commonly used about a person or company's collection of printers. Apart from that we are actually located on an old farm here in the southern Sealand in Denmark.

The "weird" part is probably fitting in even more ways. Bu we'll let you be the judge of that.



I have been collecting, painting, playing with and obsessing about miniatures for about 30 years. To begin with I was painting small historic plastic soldiers and making terrain for them out of paper mache. In 1992 I discovered Warhammer Fantasy battles by Games Workshop and I was immediately hooked as I was already a major fantasy geek. This was my gateway into a long series of different games and miniatues collections since then - always with focus on the minis first and rules second.. In recent years I've spent more and more of my hobby time 3D printing terrain and miniatures for my games (yes: More time spent printing and less time spent painting means a growing pile of shame in the form of unpainted terrain and miniatures, but I've accepted that as an inevitable part of my life).

Over the years hobby life and time has varied a lot, but I have come to the conclusion that its such a big part of my life that I might as well take it to the next level. Thats why Weird farm Miniatures was created in october 2020.

As you've probably quessed by now Weird Farm Miniatures is primarily run by me, but I do have some help:


Luna and My

My two daughters help out where they can around the print farm. The oldest, Luna, loves fantasy books and live roleplay and she mostly collects elven miniatures (including wood elves for fantasy settings and drukhari for 40k). The youngest, My, is the one most into painting. She loves painting chaotic models such as minotaurs, beastmen and plague daemons.


The Happy Town Guards

These three jolly fellows help out testing terrain for things like vantage points for shooting and good places to take a nap... erm... take cover. They also serve as good scale references, but we don't tell them that as they are a bit self conscious about their size.

These guys are designed by Duncan "Shadow" Louca.