The Designers

We are lucky to be licensed to sell the models of the following great artists (shown in alphabetical order):



Adaevy Creations are behind the very cool set of lovecraftian miniatures "Innsmouth Investigators". And we are proud to have a license to print and sell these.

Chances are that you already know Avatars of War. This awesome company has been producing fantastic wargaming miniatures for many years now. Recently they made a digital branch on Patreon: Avatars of War - Legenday Heroes.

On the Weird Farm we are very proud to be among the limited number of licensed merchants of this range of highly detailed models in the characteristic Avatars of War style.


  So dark...

 Bestiarum Miniatures produce incredibly detailed miniatures always with a dark and disturbing look. Imagine a chaos cultist playing Dark Souls all night and then having a nightmare...  you're almost there.


This talented team of designers have already worked their way through a lot of fantasy themes doing awesome heroes, villains, monsters and the occasional unlucky villager caught in the middle. They do some very high fantasy terrain and dungeon tile sets as well. We have license to sell all their stuff, but don't actually own the files of it all... yet. So if you see something in their store that you would like printed, throw us a mail and we will almost certainly welcome the excuse to buy some more files.


Clay Cyanide produce very detailed, impressive and often large models for RPGs. Very often they have a particular real life or fictional mythology as their focus. We challenge you to come up with a mythical being that they have not made a model of!

The name says it all!

This small studio brings us utterly crazy and funny mushroom induced models for goblin lovers.

Pinyo Culashart aka Dark Realms Forge deals mostly in fantasy terrain and has some awesome collections inspired by iconic locations in Tolkiens Middle Earth as well as other classic fantasy settings. He has a lovely habit of making ruined versions of many of his buildings as well - just what we need in our games.

Sven Juhlin aka Daybreak Miniatures creates some truly stunning and brutal miniatures in heroic 32mm scale. Look this way for impressive heroes or villains for your armies or RPGs. Also the models are made available as large scale collectors models at around 75mm scale.

Duncan's sculpts are what inspired us to start selling printed miniatures in the first place, and hes our longest love affair in the world of 3D printable miniatures. He always finds new ways to make well known fantasy and sci-fi themes refreshingly disturbing, weird or even cute.

Lance's models has a very distinct comical and cartoonish style often reminiscent of a certain popular MMORPG. We came for the suitably chubby dwarves but stayed for the muscular turtles and cute mushrooms.


Frederik Nielsen aka Fleshcraft Studio creates highly detailed units and characters for fantasy games. We are delighted to be licensed to sell the miniatures of his "Spawns of the Great Rot" campaign. Ghosts galore!

Francesco Pizzo aka Ghamak creates awesome, brutal and often funny miniatures for both fantasy and sci-fi settings. The models are 32mm scale with a particular love of female miniatures with attributes a few scales over... lets just call them "heroic". Its actually a tradition with Ghamak that each release has a thematic "pinup" miniatures. Another recurring feature in Ghamaks releases is monsters or vehicles for each theme.


This lovely and talented spanish couple focus on models for wargaming which means that you'll find a lot of awesome regiments, characters, war machines and monsters for traditional fantasy armies in their range.



Holo Miniatures do classic fantasy regiments with a great level of detail. Generally a new regiment is released every month with another miniature on the side (a character or monster etc), so don't forget to check back here!

We have the license to sell the extremely detailed and characterful dwarves made by Miniatures of Madness. We hope to expand our range with more stuff from this talented team in the future.

Monstrous Encounters have a range of miniatures very appealing to the nostalgic (read: Old) wargamers among us. Alot of the models are so-called "oldhammer" style and as you will see from the collection theres a lot of classic regiments and warbands familiar to those of us who played fantasy and sci-fi wargames in the 90'ies. Even my own gateway drug HeroQuest gets some love! Tissues out when you browse this range (I mean for tears of nostalgia!).

William Touret is the talented designer behind Proxywars. He makes bases, movement trays and terrain fit for priniting on plastic (FDM) printers, which means that its a very economic way to base entire armies. We use his pavement bases a lot ourselves so we are very happy to offer them for sale here on the site.


Reptilian Overlords produce some of the most striking and unforgettable miniature ranges in the world of 3d printed miniatures - like the sci-fi Space Nam troops or the beautiful fantasy mercenary set. The focus is mostly on human troops including full modular sets and conversion bits to personalize your  army, warband or whatever your setting and game calls for.


RN Estudio design some truly fantastic miniatures with a great level of detail. They have a lot of characters (especially female) and some monsters as well. Everything is at a heroic scale - at least 32mm. If you're looking for a truly epic level hero or boss, this is a good place to start!
Oh, and we also have a growing collection of fantasy football teams from these guys.


The spanish studio Txarli Factory design and sell an impressive range of detailed terrain and miniatures for both fantasy and sci-fi wargames.

We are proud to be licensed to sell their "Northern Ogres" range.