The Designers

We are lucky to be licensed to sell the models of the following great artists (shown in alphabetical order):




Adaevy Creations are behind the very cool set of lovecraftian miniatures "Innsmouth Investigators". And we are proud to have a license to print and sell these.


Asgard Rising create very detailed miniatures and terrain. A lot of their range is low fantasy or historic, but you will also find a good deal of fantasy creatures and scenery here.

As the name suggest there is a strong influence of northern european/scandinavian medieval culture.

The name says it all!

This small studio brings us utterly crazy and funny mushroom induced models for goblin lovers.


Evil Hippie is the small danish design studio behind Clan Gamlung - a wonderfully old school range of dwarfs that we are privileged to be licensed to sell.


This lovely and talented spanish couple focus on models for wargaming which means that you'll find a lot of awesome regiments, characters, war machines and monsters for traditional fantasy armies in their range.


We have the license to sell the extremely detailed and characterful dwarves made by Miniatures of Madness. We hope to expand our range with more stuff from this talented team in the future.

The spanish studio Other Place Models make very characterful regiments, characters, monsters and war machines specifically for the wargame The Ninth Age - but of course also very useful in other similar settings.

They do a characteristic slightly cartoony style, and they put a lot of thought into creating models that are original while fitting the background and game mechanics.


William Touret is the talented designer behind Proxywars. He makes bases, movement trays and terrain fit for priniting on plastic (FDM) printers, which means that its a very economic way to base entire armies. We use his pavement bases a lot ourselves so we are very happy to offer them for sale here on the site.


The spanish studio Txarli Factory design and sell an impressive range of detailed terrain and miniatures for both fantasy and sci-fi wargames.

We are proud to be licensed to sell their "Northern Ogres" range.