2 Pavement Bases (60x100mm Rectangular)

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Unlike most of our scenic bases these bases are printed on an FDM (plastic) printer like our terrain. They are designed in a way that allows for this kind of printing which means that they are considerably cheaper and easier to produce. If you want special bases for an army but think that the usual options are too expensive, this is the choice for you.

I attached a picture of models from my own imperial guard army (25mm bases) to give you an example of the quick tabletop standard look.

These bases should always be sanded on the top before painting.


Designed by William Touret @ Proxywars

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Production time 

We'll start printing your models as soon as we can. 3D printing terrain pieces takes time though so please expect a production time of 1-2 weeks.


This product is printed in PLA plastic using an FDM printer.

This print technology leaves layer lines on the finished product as the thin layers of melted plastic are put on top of each other. We print our products in thin layers to reduce this as much as we can. We use a layer height of 0,15mm (0.1mm for bases) where most leading 3d printing terrain companies recommend a height of 0,2mm. That means that we need more layers but we get lines that are less visible. In short: We take our time and print a little slower to get a better finish.

To get a feeling of what to expect make sure to check out some of our real example photos. There might not be a photo of the specific model, but we strive to have photos from all collections.

Small parts will usually be printed in an even better quality (0,1mm) and for really small and intricate stuff like signs or furniture we often resort to the resin printer instead.