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5 Goblin Wolf Riders (Modular)

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A fantastic modular set of 5 Goblin Wolf Riders from Avatars of War. Great for Goblin Raiders in The Ninth Age or similar troops in other games.

Scale: Heroic 32mm OR 28mm (see below)

There are several options to consider when ordering this set:

  • Scale: The default scale is heroic 32mm. If you want we will scale the unit down to 85 % which fits many wargames better (see photos for examples).
  • Equipment: Choose between just bow, just spear, spear and bow or Spear bow and shield.
  • Command Group: Choose if you want a command group (champion, banner and musician) or not. (Note that the banner and drums are actually mounted on wolves and not seperate hand options)
  • Anything else: If you require another loadout, just let us know.

Supplied with square 25x50mm 3D printed plastic bases.

Check out our bases section for more options.


Designed by Avatars of War

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This is a resin printed product.

Generally very little cleanup should be required – if any. The models are suspended by support strings while printing and these are removed when we clean the model after printing. Sometimes though a little bit of support material can evade us. Small clippers, sharp knife and a bit of fine sanding paper is a good choice of weapons for this.

Compared to traditional plastic miniatures with mold lines and sprue removal the cleanup of resin miniatures is minimal.