Reptilian Overlords

Modular Spacenam Infantry (10)

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A squad of 10 modular battle hardened Spacenam troopers. As if pulled out of an 80'ies action movie.

Consists of 9 modular troopers armed with laser rifles and one trooper armed with a more special weapon (choose which). 

Please note that this set is a mix of Reptilian Overlords' Spacenam Infantry v. 1.0 and 2.0. It uses the kneeling legs, new updated lasrifles and new weapon options such as sniper rifle and grenade launcher from v.2.0. It still uses rucksacks and torsos with packs and puches on the front which was only available in version 1.0.

Come with optional backpacks, pouches, grenades and canteens (enough backpacks for all 9 modular troops).

Supplied with 3d printed round 25mm plastic bases. 

These models require some assembly.


Designed by Reptilian Overlords

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This is a resin printed product.

Generally very little cleanup should be required – if any. The models are suspended by support strings while printing and these are removed when we clean the model after printing. Sometimes though a little bit of support material can evade us. Small clippers, sharp knife and a bit of fine sanding paper is a good choice of weapons for this.

Compared to traditional plastic miniatures with mold lines and sprue removal the cleanup of resin miniatures is minimal.