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Tiefling Ranger

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 About scale:

Bite the Bullet sculpt their models in a pretty large scale (around 35-40mm to the eyes). This is super great for painters who want to get the most out of every detail, but of course you might need a different scale for your specific purpose. We have the option of scaling down to a 32mm scale. If you need a different scale please get in touch. Some models might not be viable to scale down further because of thin parts but mostly its doable.

Please note that 32mm scale might not mean 32mm to the eyes of your specific model. A bugbear will be higher and a halfling will be lower for example.



Supplied with the scenic resin base shown in the render or a standard plastic 25mm base.

Check out our bases section for more options.


Designed by:

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This is a resin printed product.

Generally very little cleanup should be required – if any. The models are suspended by support strings while printing and these are removed when we clean the model after printing. Sometimes though a little bit of support material can evade us. Small clippers, sharp knife and a bit of fine sanding paper is a good choice of weapons for this.

Compared to traditional plastic miniatures with mold lines and sprue removal the cleanup of resin miniatures is minimal.